Detailed introduction:

Hybrid Energy Storage System All-In-One

BrickPower Series

Built-in 5kW hybrid inverter

Easy installation and maintenance

Suitable for home use

Providing continuous power to your home

Models BRE-I-5K14K BRE-I-5K10K
Rated energy 13.88kWh  9.6kWh
Rated voltage 51.2V 48V
Max.PV input power 6500W
Grid output power 5000W
Off-grid output power 3000W
Communication  RS485 / 4G / WiFi / Ethernet / CAN
VPP software access Support
Cell type LFP
IP grade IP54
Size W*H*D 620×1750×210mm 620×1600×210mm
Weight  185kg  140kg