Detailed introduction:

Container energy storage is  one-stop large-scale energy storage solution
Modular design, easy to install

Support application scenarios of different voltage levels & different capacities

Support high-voltage systems of 1000V+ level

Applications: power station, micro power grid, grid frequency modulation, peak load shifting, backup power

Items 1.05MWh (20' HC)  2.76MWh (40' HC)
Rated energy 1057kWh 2764.8kWh
Rated voltage DC652.8V DC768V
Voltage range 571.2744.6V 648876V
Rated capacity 1620Ah 3600Ah
Max.charge / discharge current 810A 900A
PCS / EMS 500kW
Communication RS485 / CAN
Cell type LFP (LiFeO4)
IP grade IP54
Size (W*H*D) 6058*2438*2896mm  12192*2438*2896mm
Certificates CE / IEC62619